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Our Story

Truth conquers Lies

Beauty rebuilds Brokenness


Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”

Fed up with

Fear, Lies, Guilt and Shame!

I started Himmel and Soul because I know exactly how hard it is to remember the truth.
Perhaps you’re like me and you fight with the lies in your head, and the lies that come from our society and culture – lies like “I’m ugly”, “I’m not doing enough”, “That’s impossible”, “I’m a failure”, “it will never get better”.

You know how hard it is to be a woman, a mom, a Christian, it’s hard to be hurting and feel like you’re just not good enough for God or those around you.

These lies are brutal, ugly and are keeping you hostage – insecure and unsure of who you actually are, your ability to dream is quenched and that stopyou from even thinking about doing great things.

But, this is not reality.

The reality is, is that you are beautifully and wonderfully made, and everywhere you step you have the choice to bring that beauty and wonder, or listen to the lie.
The truth is, is that there is power in the words that you speak, that you think and that you’ve heard.

Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly puts it, “You are what you think all day long.”

I know this because for years I’ve fought lie after lie, and I know that only way to win is to replace them with truth.

(So instead of saying, “Oh, stupid me”, I say, “Oops, that was a mistake, I’ll try that differently next time.”, or instead of thinking, “Yuck” when I look in the mirror, I think, “I’m created by a king the living God, he’s perfect and makes good things.”)

This is why I started Himmel & Soul, because I know there is so much ability and talent locked up in people like you! My goal is to unleash your wild and unique beauty and strengthen your confidence so that you can be a messenger of beauty.

Himmel & Soul’s purpose is to provide you with: 


Inspirational Messages


Delightfully Crafted Words


Beautiful Designs

that you can wear or decorate with in order to help you look up to the truth.

Truth that has the strength to set you, and those around you free.

Our mission is… 


to use words and design to remind and reinforce heavenly truths.
We believe that beauty has a great potential to repair brokenness.  

Our Heart 

Conquering lies with truth.


Transforming the Mind

We know what it’s like to struggle with ugly words swirling around in our thoughts and how hard it is to remember the truth. That’s why our products have a focus on proclaiming the truth


True Unique Beauty

All of us are completely unique and beautiful in many different ways. Our designs are made with this in mind. Nothing is mass produced, or generic. 

Grown out of Germany 

Family is the best! That’s why we work, learn and play together as much as we can. We believe that every aspect of our lives intertwine with one another: our work, education, and faith. Though Mama Dani is designer and chief operator of Himmel & Soul, our whole family is involved, from brainstorming to coaching to content creation. 

Our growing family is German/ Canadian. Hubby Simon and I met in Israel years ago (because that’s where you find all the great German men) and lived happily married ever since. 

In Spring/ Summer of 2019 we moved to Kyiv, Ukraine and have the next big challenge of adding a third language to our family. 

Jewelry with a Message