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Designs to unleash the beauty in you. 

Fed up with

Fear, Lies, Guilt and Shame!

I started Himmel & Soul because I know exactly how hard it is to remember the truth.
Perhaps you’re like me and you fight with the lies in your head, and the lies that come from our society and culture – lies like “I’m ugly”, “I’m not doing enough”, “That’s impossible”, “I’m a failure”, “it will never get better”.

The Power of Words

There is life and death in the words that you use.
Mother Theresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.”
Words are a common theme in my designs because the words you speak, read, and surround yourself with have the ability to change your life.  

Jewelry with a Message

Necklaces that speak truth. Your choice of style: silver chain or black wax cord. 

Adventurous Drinkware

Unique cups and mugs to fill up with coffee, tea or water. Enamel camper mugs are tough to break and perfect to take along on hikes, picnics and adventures. 

Our Story

Himmel & Soul is proudly run by us, an internationally diverse German/ Canadian family living in Eastern Europe. We love adventure, we love people, we love beauty and we love God.